Friday, February 10, 2012

Marker Boards and British Pilates...

So, continuing with my theme of making stuff out of old junk, I made these marker boards...

By the front door

Above my husbands desk

Daughter's room

School room
I just used old picture frames (make sure they have the glass still in them) and put decorative scrapbook paper and stickers in them.  Then, you write on the glass with dry-erase markers! 

I found the idea on this blog a while back.  If you make one, make sure that the paper you put in isn't too dark and the pattern isn't too busy, or you won't be able to see the marker.  You can put lined paper in there, too, so you can write lists easier.  Also, I found that the markers work best on the really slick, shiny glass.  A couple of these have some kind of finish on them that is supposed to keep down glare, but the markers don't seem to write on them as well.

With all the crafting and getting lost in the "big city" this week, I haven't had as much time for exercise.  So, today, I figured I'd get back to it.  I chose a different pilates workout on Netflix (I <3 Netflix, by the way).  I had never seen this pilates lady before and I found out she is British.  I'm not sure if I loved the workout.  It was one of those very calm... kind of sleepy... but at the same time making your muscles want to run away and die kind of routines.  Of course, everything sounds better if you say it with a British accent.  Also, for some reason, when I was done working out I had this strong urge to drink a cup of tea and watch a PBS mini-series!  Actually, I always have that urge, I'm weird like that!  :)     

Have a nice day (and go watch some British T.V., it's awesome)! 

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  1. What a cute idea! And you know- I agree- doing sleepy workouts like that can actually be fun- I do yoga DVDs from time to time but feel like napping after lol. And...if I had a British narrator, I can only imagine!