Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Made It! Well, Actually, My Husband Did!

He made me the under-the-cabinet jar rack thingy (sorry, I know that's probably not the technical term for it) that I posted a link to a while back!  Here it is!

I know you can't see all of the labels, but we made a handy map (which I forgot to take a picture of) and taped it to the inside of the cabinet, in case we forget what's what and try to put cumin in the oatmeal instead of cinnamon!  I actually did that once, even before we made this!

My handy husband also made this...
It's a chalk-pan... pan-board... chalk-board-that-was-once-a-rusty-pan... oh well, you get the idea.  I'm not particularly clever with the names today!  Anyway, an old pan, a couple layers of chalk board spray paint and there you go.  It is supposed to say what is for dinner tonight, but I haven't gotten that far yet!  Oh, by the way, the smiley face was drawn by my daughter and that isn't a strange sea-monster trying to attack the board, it is my aloe plant!


  1. Very clever creations! Way to go Guy!

    Aimee =)

  2. Wow! Way to go, Guy! Better hang on to him...he's a keeper!!! ;)