Friday, February 24, 2012

I Get A Shower Today!

Ok, that sounds bad.  I promise, I get a shower pretty much every day, but today I get a new shower!  :)  I will be losing the bathtub, which is a little sad, but we hardly ever use it.  I mean, if it was one of those huge round bathtubs that you can practically swim laps in, I would be sad.  This is just an old tub with rust holes that likes to spew hot water into the basement every time you try to take a shower.  We have to turn the water off to the shower when we aren't using it, then go to the basement, turn on the water (which starts shooting hot water all over you), then run upstairs to take a shower.  I have actually thought about just standing in the basement to try to get clean while the water was on.  It would probably be easier than running back and forth!

So, today we get a new shower.  I am really not a plumbing person.  So, I cannot begin to explain how that's going to happen exactly.  I assume with a lot of banging around, some spewing water and possibly a few choice words coming from the area of the bathroom.  Oh, by the way, did I mention my husband and his father (who is a carpenter) are doing the job.  Yeah, lots of family bonding going on in our house, today! 

In other news, I was featured on two more treasuries!
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Thanks to both of you! 

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