Monday, January 30, 2012

I Like Big Books...

So, something you may not know about me is that I love books.  I mean I REALLY  love books!  I mean, I think it should be a law that every adult that can read English should be able to tell you what Edward's (Rochester, not Cullen) secret was, who Colonel Brandon was (because, let's face it, he was way more interesting than Edward Ferrars) and what exactly a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of.  But, that's just me.  Be thankful I'm not the President!  :)
So, in honor of all of the other crazy book lovers out there, I have found a few awesome links (from Etsy, of course).

Love this bookmark!

And this shop has knitted accessories made with literary themes.  Knitting and books!  I have found my home!

Go check them out, then go read a book!  You never know, I might actually become President!  :P 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Short Post, New Item

I can't type much today...Migraine...Enough said.

I have a new item on Etsy for you to checkout, though.  Free Shipping till Valentine's Day with the coupon code (which you will find when you click on the link ).  Knitted Kindle Cover with Hand Embroidered Heart
Buy it for your sweetheart (or yourself)!

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Yarn Fairy, The Tooth Fairy and Big Brother (I mean Skinny Pilates Lady)...

So, lots going on around my house in the last couple of days.

Broken shower (always fun)... lost tooth, my daughter, not me (that's where the tooth fairy comes in)... good friend (the yarn fairy) bringing left-over yarn to my house that she was going to just give away (and of course I will take because, for one, you can't have enough yarn, and two, apparently I'm like Mikey.  I'll knit anything).  So, thank you Yarn Fairy, you know who you are!  :)  

As for the tooth fairy, even though my daughter no longer believes in her (yep, she's 8 and the cat is out of the bag about pretty much all magical creatures), she still wants the dollar and still wants us to put it under her pillow in the middle of the night!  What's that about?  I thought when she figured it out, I could stop this.  Don't get me wrong, I am glad she still wants some of the childhood magic and wonder, but why the one that you have to do in the middle of the night... fishing under a pillow for a TOOTH (at least we put in a plastic bag)... trying not to wake her up... even though she knows its's me... and to top it all off, she flops around so much, the dollar gets lost somewhere under the bed before morning!  Oh well, how many teeth could she have left, anyway!  :P

So, with everything going on, I didn't exercise for 2 days.  I figured I better this morning.  It's actually getting easier and I kind of like Skinny Pilates Lady now.  Of course, they all loved Big Brother at the end of 1984, but that didn't make him any less evil!  But, don't worry, I'm not bitter. 

Last thing, it looks like little orange thing #2 is really going to grow up to be a hat! 

By the way, for all the non-knitters out there, those sticks in the top of the hat are double point needles (used for knitting round things, like hats), not some kind of Medieval torture device!  They don't stay in there forever.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ummm... Hmmm... Well...

Yeah, I have nothing to say.  Nothing wise and wonderful or even remotely interesting.

So, to save you from my rambling on about nothing today, I have provided these great links to check out!

They are some very cool knitting supplies I have found, of course, on Etsy.  I recomend you buy all of these for your favorite knitter!  You don't happen to know a knitter, do you?  :P

...and one not on Etsy, but still awesome...

So, go check them out!

Monday, January 23, 2012

That Which Doesn't Kill You...

So, the old saying goes, "That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  Well, I survived another pilates workout and I didn't kill Skinny Pilates Lady (I know she's just on the T.V.), so I guess we are both stronger this morning!

I wonder what it says about, "that which makes your legs feel like they are going to fall off"?  I'm going to go with "makes you stronger".  This has to be doing something!

So, I finished the sad orange furry thing that never became a hat!

 For sale on Etsy, by the way!

Now I am on to another orange thing that WILL become a hat (I have 2 big skeins of this yarn, I could make a hat for an elephant)!   

I don't know why I have been knitting so much orange stuff lately.  I know this hat is more for fall.  Of course, where I live, you can't tell what season it is.  There was ice everywhere two days ago, now it is getting ready to thunderstorm! 

Speaking of which, I should probably get off this computer!  Bye!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


So, just sitting here debating if I should venture out in the ice today.  Just thought I'd add some humor to your day and also tell you that I will not be posting on Sundays.  That's right, this blog is kind of like Chick-Fil-A...

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Fell Off The Wagon...

...The getting up at 5 A.M. wagon, that is. 

I just fell a little, I got up at 10 till 7.  Oh well, at least I'm trying.

I have a funny story about that old saying, though.  One time we were eating with my husband's family.  My husband's family own a farm and we live in a very Appalachian/rural part of Ohio.  All of us except my husband's sister and her family.  She grew up on the farm, but they now live a lot closer to the city.  Which is great, by the way.  When we visit, we pass like 5 malls within 10 miles and a Bass Pro the size of DisneyLand!  My town has a Wal-Mart... really... that's about all.  Yeah, I know, you can tell I'm from the country because the giant Bass Pro was the only store I actually bothered to mention!

So, back to my story.  We were eating with my huband's family and my husband says something about trying to eat healthier or trying to quit doing something, and then he says "but, I fell off the wagon."  My brother-in-law looked really concerned for a minute, then he looks at me (I guess to see if I was laughing about it).  Then he said, "Oh, I was worried for a minute.  You never know down there, when he said he 'fell off the wagon', I thought he actually, 'fell of the wagon'!  I was going to ask if he got hurt!"

I guess that's why country people should be careful with the farm references.  I wonder what everone thought when I told them my in-laws "bought the farm"!

Also, another of my Etsy items was featured in a treasury!  My Floppy Brimmed Baby Hat  was featured in the CAPS Team in Purple Treasury.  This treasury was made by Stephanie at Inspired Greetings and Designs.   Check it out!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Useful Stuff, Funny Stuff And A Big Thank You!

So, I will stop complaining about waking up at 5 A.M.  I think I complain too much anyway.  So, today I will try to focus on some things I actually like (you know like NOT waking up at 5 A.M.  Oops, sorry). 

So you don't know this about me (considering I just started this blog, you don't really know anything about me yet), but I love to can food.  That's right, old school, Mason Jars, rows and rows of green beans in the pantry, the whole bit.  When I see something using Mason Jars, it always grabs my attention.  So, When I saw this, I knew it was something I had to check out!

They found it on a blog that I just happen to follow called  She is a fellow Etsy seller and does some pretty awesome things with Mason Jars.  Go, check it out!

I also found this bit of humor on Etsy last night...

This is also from another Etsy seller, Got Mojo?

Ok, I'm almost done, I just wanted to say thank you to Heather at

She featured my "I Heart Valentine's Day Coffee Cup Cozy" in this Treasury on Etsy . 

So, I think that is all for today!  Go check out these great links!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exercise, Knitting and Barbie Dolls...

Yes folks, that's my life right now.  Excercise, knitting and Barbie dolls. 

I actually did exercise this morning.  I managed not to think mean thoughts about skinny pilates lady.  Now super skinny pilates lady in the back corner (you know, the one doing level 18 while the rest of us are on level 1 following the older lady in the other corner with arthritis), yeah her, I wasn't exactly thrilled with her.  But skinny pilates lady tells me I'm "super-energized" and my "core muscles are engaged", which is good I guess.  Maybe my core muscles were lonely.  If I keep this up, they should be married soon!

So, knitting.  Yeah, looks like my little orange thing from the last post isn't going to grow up.  :(  Sadly, I only had one small skein of that particular yarn and I don't have enough for the top of my hat.  I know, that's why you are supposed to plan these things out... buy the yarn in the pattern... actually follow a pattern... but where's the fun in that?  See, if you do it my way, you are always surprised!  Maybe it will be a hat, maybe a purse, or maybe some strange UFO (Un-Finished Object) that you find in the back of your closet in five years and wonder what on earth you were thinking.  Either way, it's more interesting than that other way.  You know, the way where you actually finish what you are making and it looks like the one in the picture.  I mean, how boring is that?!  :P 

Oh well, maybe my little orange thing can be a head warmer.  At least it will be half-way grown up, like a teenager.

What's left... oh I remember.  Barbies...  Let me start off by saying that Barbies are great (if not a little ridiculously proportioned).  I have just never been all that into them.  I mean, I had them as a kid.  I even had one that was a rock singer (she came with her own real cassette tape, we were high tech in the 80's).  I just haven't thought much about them in a couple decades, or so.  Even my daughter hasn't liked them much until recently.

But now... I am a Barbie interior decorator... really.  I know a lady that collects Barbies (big time collector) and she wants me to make Barbie rugs and bedspreads and pillows.  Does Barbie need two pillows, or just one big one?  Did  her and Ken ever get married, and if not, should I really be promoting that kind of activity in a Barbie house?  Maybe I have thought a little too much about this... that's what happens when you wake up at 5 A.M. 

See, I told you it was too early!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Second Day...

Things I have learned in the last day or so (yes you can learn a lot in a day, especially when you wake up at ridiculously early hours)...

1. I have to come up with new titles for my blog posts.  Let's face it, "First Day" and "Second Day" sound cute now, but if this blog thing goes on a while, "One Thousand Two Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Day" is just going to sound stupid.

2. Apparently most of my ancestors got up at about 5 in the morning (fed the chickens, milked the cow...).  Of course, most of them are dead now, so I can't really say that it did them a lot of good.  I might not be quite as bitter about it once my coffee has kicked in, by the way.

3. I cannot exercise two days in a row.  I don't care what skinny pilates lady says, if I try it this morning I will literally not be able to move by 10 A.M.  Just as a sidenote, I also learned (thanks, dear husband) that I have been spelling exercise wrong.  I fixed in on my last post, so don't go check. 

4. Ok, there is no #4, what do you expect?  I only had one day!

On the knitting front, here's what I am working on right now...

I know, it doesn't look like much yet, but I think it's going to grow up to be a hat... a very shiny, furry, orange and white hat.  Keep an eye out for it on my Etsy page soon!  Talk to you again tomorrow ("Third Day")!  :P

Monday, January 16, 2012

First Day...

So, I was up at five o'clock this morning... I also read my Bible, ate breakfast, exersised (thought really mean thoughts about the skinny pilates instructor on the t.v.), and checked my e-mail.

Ok, before you yell at me or quit reading my blog, you have to know that I haven't willingly been up that early for 10 years! Actually, I don't think I have ever WILLINGLY been up at 5 AM! I do get up at 5:15 some mornings to pack my husbands lunch, then I pass out as soon as he is out the door!

Things are different now, though. At least, that's what I am telling myself. I have started selling on Etsy (yes, shameless plug here... and I just don't have time for homeschooling, knitting (well, I always make time for knitting), checking all my computer stuff and actually keeping my house half-way clean.

So... 5 A.M. is my new best friend... actually, more of an aquaintance... or maybe one of those people that you hardly know, but always want to talk to you and tell you all about their day... Wait, I guess that's what I am with this blog! :P Oh well, I won't always be complaining about waking up early. I really do other things, I promise! Like this...

This is what knitters do when they aren't knitting. They take other peoples knitting, cut it up and make stuff out of it! Actually, I have been wanting a new pair of fingerless gloves for a long time and I haven't really had much time to knit for myself, so... I cut up a pair of wool socks with a hole in them and viola! Instant fingerless gloves! Hopefully, people won't be scared to shake my hand knowing my gloves used to live on my feet. :/ Hey, at least I washed them first!

So, that's all for today. I have to go wake up the little one and try to impart some sort of wisdom to her (or at least some new spelling words). See ya' tomorrow (at 5 A.M, grrr...)!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Testing

Just a test post to see how this works. I will be posting more in a couple days. :)