Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Yarn Fairy, The Tooth Fairy and Big Brother (I mean Skinny Pilates Lady)...

So, lots going on around my house in the last couple of days.

Broken shower (always fun)... lost tooth, my daughter, not me (that's where the tooth fairy comes in)... good friend (the yarn fairy) bringing left-over yarn to my house that she was going to just give away (and of course I will take because, for one, you can't have enough yarn, and two, apparently I'm like Mikey.  I'll knit anything).  So, thank you Yarn Fairy, you know who you are!  :)  

As for the tooth fairy, even though my daughter no longer believes in her (yep, she's 8 and the cat is out of the bag about pretty much all magical creatures), she still wants the dollar and still wants us to put it under her pillow in the middle of the night!  What's that about?  I thought when she figured it out, I could stop this.  Don't get me wrong, I am glad she still wants some of the childhood magic and wonder, but why the one that you have to do in the middle of the night... fishing under a pillow for a TOOTH (at least we put in a plastic bag)... trying not to wake her up... even though she knows its's me... and to top it all off, she flops around so much, the dollar gets lost somewhere under the bed before morning!  Oh well, how many teeth could she have left, anyway!  :P

So, with everything going on, I didn't exercise for 2 days.  I figured I better this morning.  It's actually getting easier and I kind of like Skinny Pilates Lady now.  Of course, they all loved Big Brother at the end of 1984, but that didn't make him any less evil!  But, don't worry, I'm not bitter. 

Last thing, it looks like little orange thing #2 is really going to grow up to be a hat! 

By the way, for all the non-knitters out there, those sticks in the top of the hat are double point needles (used for knitting round things, like hats), not some kind of Medieval torture device!  They don't stay in there forever.


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