Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exercise, Knitting and Barbie Dolls...

Yes folks, that's my life right now.  Excercise, knitting and Barbie dolls. 

I actually did exercise this morning.  I managed not to think mean thoughts about skinny pilates lady.  Now super skinny pilates lady in the back corner (you know, the one doing level 18 while the rest of us are on level 1 following the older lady in the other corner with arthritis), yeah her, I wasn't exactly thrilled with her.  But skinny pilates lady tells me I'm "super-energized" and my "core muscles are engaged", which is good I guess.  Maybe my core muscles were lonely.  If I keep this up, they should be married soon!

So, knitting.  Yeah, looks like my little orange thing from the last post isn't going to grow up.  :(  Sadly, I only had one small skein of that particular yarn and I don't have enough for the top of my hat.  I know, that's why you are supposed to plan these things out... buy the yarn in the pattern... actually follow a pattern... but where's the fun in that?  See, if you do it my way, you are always surprised!  Maybe it will be a hat, maybe a purse, or maybe some strange UFO (Un-Finished Object) that you find in the back of your closet in five years and wonder what on earth you were thinking.  Either way, it's more interesting than that other way.  You know, the way where you actually finish what you are making and it looks like the one in the picture.  I mean, how boring is that?!  :P 

Oh well, maybe my little orange thing can be a head warmer.  At least it will be half-way grown up, like a teenager.

What's left... oh I remember.  Barbies...  Let me start off by saying that Barbies are great (if not a little ridiculously proportioned).  I have just never been all that into them.  I mean, I had them as a kid.  I even had one that was a rock singer (she came with her own real cassette tape, we were high tech in the 80's).  I just haven't thought much about them in a couple decades, or so.  Even my daughter hasn't liked them much until recently.

But now... I am a Barbie interior decorator... really.  I know a lady that collects Barbies (big time collector) and she wants me to make Barbie rugs and bedspreads and pillows.  Does Barbie need two pillows, or just one big one?  Did  her and Ken ever get married, and if not, should I really be promoting that kind of activity in a Barbie house?  Maybe I have thought a little too much about this... that's what happens when you wake up at 5 A.M. 

See, I told you it was too early!

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