Friday, January 20, 2012

I Fell Off The Wagon...

...The getting up at 5 A.M. wagon, that is. 

I just fell a little, I got up at 10 till 7.  Oh well, at least I'm trying.

I have a funny story about that old saying, though.  One time we were eating with my husband's family.  My husband's family own a farm and we live in a very Appalachian/rural part of Ohio.  All of us except my husband's sister and her family.  She grew up on the farm, but they now live a lot closer to the city.  Which is great, by the way.  When we visit, we pass like 5 malls within 10 miles and a Bass Pro the size of DisneyLand!  My town has a Wal-Mart... really... that's about all.  Yeah, I know, you can tell I'm from the country because the giant Bass Pro was the only store I actually bothered to mention!

So, back to my story.  We were eating with my huband's family and my husband says something about trying to eat healthier or trying to quit doing something, and then he says "but, I fell off the wagon."  My brother-in-law looked really concerned for a minute, then he looks at me (I guess to see if I was laughing about it).  Then he said, "Oh, I was worried for a minute.  You never know down there, when he said he 'fell off the wagon', I thought he actually, 'fell of the wagon'!  I was going to ask if he got hurt!"

I guess that's why country people should be careful with the farm references.  I wonder what everone thought when I told them my in-laws "bought the farm"!

Also, another of my Etsy items was featured in a treasury!  My Floppy Brimmed Baby Hat  was featured in the CAPS Team in Purple Treasury.  This treasury was made by Stephanie at Inspired Greetings and Designs.   Check it out!

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