Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest posts, slippers, and another treasury!

Ok, so first off go read my church's blog,  I was a "guest-blogger" today.  That's not why you should go read it.  It is a great blog!  I just wanted to share it. 

So, back to knitting.  I made slippers!  The most comfortable stinkin' slippers, ever!  (Ok, not actually "stinkin'", I hope).  Anyway, here they are...

They came from a book called, "Knitting Pretty" (yes, I actually followed a pattern this time)!  I know it looks like they are made from two different colored yarns, but the yarn is variegated and I haven't mastered the art of (or even attempted) making both slippers have the same pattern.  If you know a trick for that please let me know!

Oh, and of course, I am selling these on Etsy.  Well, not the ones on my feet, I like them too much, so I'm going to keep them!  I will make more, though.  I can make most sizes and colors.  I'm just not sure if I like having pictures of my ankles floating around in cyber-space for all the world to see.  :/  Oh, well.  The slippers are awesome!

Let's see... one more thing.  Another one of my items was featured in an Etsy treasury!

And here is the shop of the girl who made the treasury..., her name is Stacey, by the way.

Go check them all out!


  1. I like the slippers! I haven't made any yet. My sister-in-law wants some felted slippers but those will have to wait til the baby is bigger. Your pic made me laugh cause it looks like you are standing on top of a filing cabinet. I assume you just propped your feet up but it still made me laugh! Good luck selling your stuff! Maybe I'll follow in your footsteps one day. But as for now, I'm off to teach while the babe sleeps. God bless!