Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update On Celtic Knots and Thumbs...

Ok, so in a previous post I said that I wanted to learn to make Celtic Knot cables and thumbs (not Celtic thumbs, just regular ones).  Anyway, I did it!  Yay!  (Is the crowd cheering I'm hearing just in my head?)  Oh well, I'm pretty happy about it.  So here is some photographic evidence...

Horribly Blurry Picture
Another Horribly Blurry Picture
So, on to thumbs.  I made a fingerless glove... with a thumb! 

That is a thumb, right there!  An honest to goodness thumb!  Ok, technically half of a thumb, but it is at least a thumb hole.  Never mind that the glove itself is small enough to fit my 8 year old daughter and the thumb is large enough to fit Andre the Giant  It's still a thumb, darn it!

I have only made one, so far.  I am really fighting that "one glove syndrome" (a.k.a. "One Sock Syndrome"). I believe that is what Stephanie Pearl - McPhee calls it when you make one glove (sock, mitten, etc) and then your over it.  You just don't want to make another one.  The thrill is gone, so to speak.  However, since whomever gets these gloves probably doesn't want to keep changing them from one hand to the other to keep warm, I guess I'll have to break down and make the second one! 

Here is the aforementioned 8 year old wearing the glove.  It does look better on.

And, here is one of Andre The Giant in The Princess Bride, just because.  

Princess Bride - awesome movie!

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